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Get Started With Your New Solar Pergola in Maryland

Solar Pergolas in Maryland are great if you don’t have enough roof space on your home for a tradition solar roof.

Solar Pergolas face directions for optimal, sun exposure, which is great if your house does not.

"I'm really happy with the solar pergola Solar Brokers USA customized for my new home. Not only does the newly addition offset my utility costs, but it also provides great shade in our big backyard where my wife and daughter like to picnic on the weekends.

Wayne was great. Thanks for all your help.
Michael Shaw
Clarksburg, MD

We specialize in custom solar pergola designs. Call us today and schedule a free consultation to learn more on how we build and install solar pergolas in Maryland.

"I absolutely love the solar pergola that Solar Brokers USA designed for our family's home in North Potomac. It has 30 panels on it and powers our entire home. I recommend Solar Brokers USA to anyone looking to get a solar pergola in Maryland. They're so creative.

We appreciate everything you did for us. Thanks!"
Nicholas Sacrimoni
Potomac, MD

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Solar Pergolas FAQs

They are photovoltaic (PV) canopy solutions that, when added to either a property’s existing structures or custom-built, face directions that are optimal for sun exposure.

In a more extensive setup, solar pergola system sizes can range from 5kW to 10kW. Typically, PV systems of this size can produce the amount of energy needed to power a home. There can even be instances in which the system creates an excess, which homeowners can sell back to the grid.

Both solar lights and umbrellas are significantly smaller than solar pergolas or gazebos and do not have the same kW capacity. Additionally, smaller solar products do not connect with the grid, and as a result, do not enable net-metering incentives such as rebates, grants, or tax credits for renewable energy.

To optimize your overall net energy production and cost savings, it’s always best to utilize as much sun-facing square footage as possible. In most cases, having variable production capacities is the best solution for homeowners trying to maximize their savings.

Installing residential solar pergolas in MD is economically advantageous to the cost of homeownership for MD residents. The state’s local benefits complement the federal policies that incentivize homeowners to invest in renewable energy. MD is among the most environmentally conscious states in the entire US.

A Powered Solution

Enhance your solar experience by adding a peace of mind

After you install one of our finest solar pergolas in Maryland, make sure to take advantage of the state policies that allow you to store your free solar-generated energy to use as a backup source for your home.

Maryland residents often complain about frequent power outages due to heavy storms in the region. On top of that, it can sometimes take days for residents to regain their power depending on the total number of outages.  

Don’t be part of the problem, be the solution. Talk to one of our brokers regarding the best battery options available to your area. 

Don’t hesitate, call us today and schedule your free consultation.