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The Solar Process

We make the process of signing up for solar easy and give you the best pricing possible. No one loves the traditional way of having an in-home consultation and especially in today’s world of wanting to save time and have the ability to order products directly from your computer. And today, more important than we ever imagined with the current situation in the world, our process now is the only way to go. We do everything virtually and no one even needs to enter the home during the sales process.

This along with not having the hassle of getting numerous quotes to find the best rate or pricing out there. You can still do that of course, and we’ll be the most competitive because of our streamlined process. We will first see if your house qualifies, and if it does, we will email you a quote. If you decide to move forward, we will send you the necessary agreement and documents via e-signature to get the project started. Once those are completed, a surveyor will come out to assess the exterior of the home and take any necessary pictures that are important for obtaining permits and for the future installation of the solar system.

And if you would prefer a solar professional to come to your home, we can absolutely schedule an in-home consultation Monday-Saturday.

Why Solar Brokers

We frequently get asked “what is it that makes you different?”. We consider ourselves unique for a number of reasons:

  • No two homes are ever the same, so why would we treat them so? At Solar Brokers USA , we design a system that is best suited for your particular home.

  • We don’t limit ourselves to just one out-of-the box product. Our business model allows Us to have partnerships with the top manufacturers and local installers that have the strongest warranties available in the industry.

  • Do you have a lot of obstructions or shade over your roof? No worries, we can design a system using ground mounts and give them the ideal angle they need to generate solar energy for your home.

  • Our brokers are some of the most experienced in the industry, and if there is anyone you can trust in customizing a design for your home, it’s them.

  • Solar is a constantly evolving field. We make it our top priority to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology that the industry offers to maximize production efficiency through our designs.

  • We value Customer Success which has resulted in strong Customer Loyalty.

How Solar Works.

  • Sunlight hits the surface of the photovoltaic cell on the solar panel.

  • An inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. AC electricity is what is used by household appliances and basically everything that is connected to your main electrical panel, from your AC and electric heating to your fridge, TVs, outlets, lighting and everything else that uses electric in your home.

  • The solar electricity from the inverter flows through this service panel to your home or to the grid, depending on the need.

  • The electricity meter reads the electricity that you use from the grid as well as the excess solar electricity that flows to the grid from your solar system.

  • Any excess solar production that is made on those sunny days is given to you as a 1:1 credit by your utility, and you may use that credit tonight when it is dark or next winter when it’s cloudy and snowing.