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  • Ownership of system

  • Customer gets all tax credits and other incentives such as Maryland $1,000 Clean Energy Grant and any local tax credits

  • Customer owns the SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)

  • Customer is responsible for any additional home insurance for solar (may be very small amount or nothing)

  • If requiring a Solar Loan, 5-25 year plans are available with varying interest rates

  • 26% Federal
    Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

One of the most popular options today is purchasing the solar system by using a solar loan. When you own your home solar system you’ll get all of the solar incentives such as the Federal ITC or solar tax credit, the Maryland clean energy grant of $1,000, and the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) that currently are on the books till 2030. In addition, some counties also have an incentive. We’ll explain in full details all of the expected incentives that one should receive when going solar and make sure to go over each of these after install to make sure you maximize the incentives available to you. Each state is different with their incentives and all have the Federal ITC of course. We have many different solar loan options from 5 years to 25 years and different interest rates are available. Of course you can always purchase the solar system without doing a loan and simply pay “cash” or by using your home equity line of credit. We can review these options to find the one that fits your budget the best.

For substantial and good-quality solar power generation at affordable rates, many homeowners opt for the best solar panel companies in Maryland. Certainly, our company is one of the best options you can rely on among these. Not only do we focus on providing top-quality solar panels, but our experts also provide satisfactory service to all clients whenever necessary. Assuredly, we extend the same level of dedication and profit-oriented encouragement and support to our clients in terms of solar energy costs.

Indeed, when you get the best economy solar panels in Maryland from our company, we ensure you full ownership of the system. This is beneficial for long-term usage; you can keep your house energy efficient for years without excessive cost. Our experts are skilled in all aspects of solar panels home installation as well. Therefore, we assist with the subsequent maintenance and warranty services as well, at affordable rates.

To note, you would notice certain installation-related charges like additional equipment and labor costs. Like most of the best solar panel installers in Maryland, our team charges only the necessary amounts, to improve our clients’ experience. However, we must mention that the customers hold full responsibility for any additional solar-related home insurance. The amount, in this context, is typically not very high.

In terms of financial initiatives for clean energy resources, homeowners can avail of many plans to buy/sell the best economy solar panels in Maryland and other parts of the U.S. Some notable certifications in question are PACE, SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), state and federal tax rebates and incentives, and other similar clean energy-oriented financing programs.

Our team of best solar panel installers in Maryland would help you with the complex paperwork and assist you in understanding the process itself. Indeed, you can expect transparent support from our best solar panel installers in Maryland and to-the-point query resolutions. Additionally, our specialists would assist with managing your fully-owned SRECs as well for future profitability.

To note, we offer many tax-oriented benefits and assistance to our customers for the best economy solar panels in Maryland that we provide. Certainly, our clients can avail themselves of incentives like cost-efficient local tax credits and the Maryland $1,000 Clean Energy Grant while using our services. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of 26% ITC (Investment Tax Credit) as well. To elaborate, you would get a 26% cost deduction from your federal tax while installing our best economy solar panels in Maryland.

We allow several plans for Solar Loan as well. These plans come in different time limits ranging between 5-25 years. Moreover, we provide a diversity in the interest rates as well. Overall, we would help you choose the offers best suitable for your household.