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PPA Solar Lease


  • No upfront costs

  • Non-ownership

  • Financier receives any tax credits or incentives

  • Lower bill immediately

  • No maintenance or repair responsibility

  • Insurance paid by financier

  • Guaranteed kWh rate for 25 years

The solar lease is actually called a PPA, or a Power Purchase Agreement.  It is a 25 year agreement that homeowner is basically buying electricity from the PPA solar provider, kind of like buying from your utility.  The only difference is you typically pay around 30% less than your utility, and you can lock in the rate to where there is only a slight annual increase usually around 2.9%.  There are other options available such as only a 1.9% increase or even no increase at all (the initial rate would just be higher than compared to the one with the 2.9% escalator).   It is not considered an investment since one does not have ownership in the solar system nor do you need to add insurance to your policy since the PPA company provides this.

You can get your solar panel home installation research done from the comfort of your house. Our company provides leasing as well as purchasing options to our customers. Solar lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) provides a lot of benefits which are listed below.

  • Solar Brokers, being one of the best solar leasing companies offers zero upfront cost for the solar panels that you are going to lease for your yard or home.
  • You will not receive any kind of ownership of the solar system provided to you.
  • No installation fees are charged by our company.
  • If any problem occurs and the solar system needs repair or maintenance the company will fix it at no charge, guaranteed for 25 years!
  • Our solar PPA program also offers a guaranteed kWh rate for 25 years.
  • The financier is required to pay the insurance amount.
  • Any incentives or tax credits are only received by the financier.
  • Easily transferrable to the next homeowner when selling your home.

Opt for Solar Brokers because it is one of the best solar leasing companies where you can get a PPA solar lease at an affordable price along with the various benefits mentioned above.  Please inquire to discuss the full details.